Vitalise – Enabling respite breaks to improve the quality of life for disabled people and their carers

RevitalisedThe Trust gave a Reactive Grant of £1,365 in 2010 to Vitalise (now Revitalise), a national charity devoted to improving the quality of life of disabled people and carers. For people living with disability, a regular break can make the difference between coping and despair, between just existing and really living. Yet the complexity and cost of organising even the shortest of breaks often presents an insurmountable barrier.

That’s why, for thousands of disabled people and carers each year, Vitalise is a lifeline. It provides accessible, affordable breaks to those who so desperately need them. Its breaks allow disabled people to take time out from their daily routine and enjoy an energising change of scene. Carers also benefit. The temporary relief from caring that Vitalise provides helps carers restore their ability to cope.

Providing subsidised short breaks with care is at the core of its activity. But what’s unique about Vitalise is that it provides freedom and choice as well. Carefully selected activities and excursions, designed to stimulate and inspire, enable our disabled guests to regain their vitality and confidence.

Case study:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the financial and emotional support you gave us to come to Vitalise. I was so close to giving up so all you have done is so appreciated by us both, after all the ups and downs leading to this holiday I had no idea how low we had become. We were both in a poor state. I was a disgrace, the first week whenever I sat down or lay down I slept all day! But the second week we made up for it and oh it was marvellous.

Adrian had treatment by the masseuse, which must have relaxed his muscles so he could slowly open his hands. Everyone’s eyes popped out their sockets - including mine - when Adrian started to feed himself one breakfast time. What an achievement!

I walked in feeling I could not cope but within seconds everyone’s smiles and welcome dispelled those negative vibes. I sang on the karaoke machine, danced the conga, larked and laughed. It does not matter how much disability or the real world has got to you, Vitalise takes over - restores the soul and brings sunshine back into our lives and hearts. You restored us to human beings.”

Ann Humphreys