£27,418 to help stop Eastbury Village from flooding

The 2007 floods in Eastbury VillageEastbury Village lies in the floodplain of the Lambourn River and has regularly suffered from bad flooding.  The Trust’s Community Buildings Improvement Programme (CBIP) match-funding grant of £27,418 has enabled a Flood Alleviation Scheme to be completed.

Liz Goodman, (Hon) Chair of the Eastbury Village Flood Prevention Association (EVFPA), said: "The result is just fantastic and beyond expectations. Not only have the Environment Agency (EA) delivered a flood scheme, but they have also implemented environmental enhancements, which have recreated a meandering chalk stream. This is a total win-win as it will benefit the wildlife as well as the community."

The new installation from the air. Photo courtesy of AMCO EngineeringThe new scheme has meant a reconfiguration of parts of the River Lambourn floodplain, with a small area lost under the footprint of a new embankment but an overall increase of wetted floodplain in a new storage area. The chalk stream is a habitat for water voles and other rare and specialist species and has, in the past, been artificially widened and straightened.

The flood alleviation scheme, which was delivered under the Government partnership Scheme in conjunction with the EA,  took three and a half years to deliver and required a £65,000 contribution from the community.

Liz added "the scheme could not have been delivered without the incredible support of Greenham Trust, the Fred & Marjorie Sainsbuy Charitable Trust, West Berkshire Council, Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, Waitrose, and the community of Eastbury who enabled the money to be raised in a period of eight months. The land owner Rooksnest Estate was also just incredible and without all of the support we received we would not have been able to deliver this scheme, and we are truly appreciative and cannot thank them all enough."

The recreated chalk stream. Photo courtesy of AMCO EngineeringMember of Parliament for Newbury, Richard Benyon, officially opened the new installation on 26th June 2015.

Liz Goodman added: "This is a legacy for many future generations and the team are very proud of this delivery.

"We are totally indebted to Greenham Trust, as without their help it would not have been possible for a small community like ours to achieve  this amazing project.”