Berkshire Community Foundation

Berkshire Community Foundations helping the disadvantaged into employmentIn 2001 Greenham Trust pledged £90,000 over a five year period to the Berkshire Community Foundation to secure matched EU funding. The aim of the funding was to promote projects in the West Berkshire area aimed at improving employment opportunities for the disadvantaged.

Here are 3 examples of the grants made under the scheme:

  • Support Horizons was awarded a grant of £2,169 to provide training for three people with learning disabilities to enable them to co-plan and run a workshop on person-centred approach to caring roles.
  • Networks for Recruitment was awarded £2,000 to enable them to organise training courses on English language skills for an office environment and personal grooming to make an impact at interview and in the workplace to 20 registered clients.
  • Sierra Leone Foundation received for a grant of £2,000 to purchase software including MS Office and accounting software and consumables.