Pelican Cancer Foundation

Operation at the Pelican Cancer CentreGreenham Trust pledged £550,000 to the Pelican Cancer Foundation in 2005 to provide new generation ultrasound and laser surgery equipment to help establish a dedicated men's urological treatment unit at North Hampshire Hospital.

The Pelican Cancer Foundation was able to purchase High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and high power "Greenlight PV" laser equipment that has been vital to the new centre, providing treatment for patients from around the whole region.

Greenham Trust Board Director Penrhyn Pockney said: “In recent years the Pelican Cancer Foundation has made great advances in the precision treatment of bowel cancer and secondary liver tumours and its Basingstoke base at the North Hampshire Hospital is recognised nationally as a leader in the treatment of these diseases.

“The new equipment will allow the Pelican Cancer Foundation to replicate its earlier success in the treatment of prostate cancer and develop this potentially life saving treatment. We considered this to be such a significant and important project that we were keen to give it our full backing.”

Chris Beagley, Chief Executive of the Pelican Cancer Foundation, added: “We are delighted to receive this generous support for an exciting new project that will support state of the art treatment facilities for prostate patients in Hampshire and Berkshire not currently available in the region. A great advance for the treatment of increasingly prevalent prostate problems.”

Mr Richard Hindley, a urological surgeon who has specialised in the use of Greenlight laser for the treatment of enlarged prostates said: “This new day care procedure represents a great opportunity to improve the surgical treatment of local men with troublesome urinary symptoms. The Greenlight PV Laser system is so powerful that even large prostates can effectively be treated with minimal complications.”

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