Community Youth Project

A big cheer for the new Greenham Community CentreIn 2012 Greenham Trust completed a major refurbishment of Greenham Community Centre.  Community Youth Project agreed to take over management of the centre.  A community fun day was planned to celebrate the reopening of the Community Centre with over 400 people attending.
Greenham Community Centre is the base for youth work at The Nightingales estate as well as being a hub for the local community.  The centre has a busy schedule: used by health care professionals during the day, activity groups such as dance, pilates, martial arts and youth clubs in the evenings and the weekends are busy with community events, parties and family gatherings.
Youth clubs provide a safe and trusted meeting space for children and young people, helping to protect them from negative influences such as juvenile nuisance, anti-social behaviour, crime and drug and alcohol misuse that are a problem in this community.

Young people have access to advice, information and support from our team of youth work staff and volunteers.

Young people participate in a wide range of activities, including sport, adventure, educational workshops and challenges.
The youth council project aims to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make their voice heard in local decision making.
The project delivers a residential training course for new youth councilors with 3 elements:
•    Team Skills – Using adventurous activities such as raft building and high ropes to promote team skills and confidence.
•    Knowledge – Youth workers deliver informal training workshops using training material form British Youth Council.   Young people gain knowledge about youth councils and how local democracy works.
•    Confidence – The project works with a performance artist to give young people the confidence to speak up in a meeting. Young people learn about body language and how to project their voice.  The adventurous activities such high ropes, climbing and kayaking help young people to overcome fears and grow in confidence.
The project encourages young people to take part in every stage of the decision making process. CYP encourages representatives of the youth council to attend and participate in management group meetings.  Youth councillors take ownership of their youth clubs and help to plan, deliver and evaluate a programme of activities.  More informally, workers listen to feedback from young people after each activity.  Young people have real power to make decisions about priorities and to make changes to the way that CYP works.
Giving kids something to do during the summer holidaysSUMMER HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES
CYP knows from experience of delivering holiday scheme activities in previous years that taking groups of young people off the streets and engaging them in positive activities is helpful for parents and has a huge impact on the community.

The project aims to deliver activities 5 days a week throughout the summer school holidays.  The holiday scheme includes a mix of adventure, sport, leisure trips and art.  CYP includes courses leading to accredited qualifications. Members of the youth council work with the project to plan the programme of activities.

Since CYP has been working at The Nightingales estate, there has been a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour and juvenile nuisance. Giving the opportunity for young people to experience risk and adventure in a positive way helps to divert them from negative influences. Giving young people the opportunity to engage in sport with professional coaches help to improve health, fitness, and expend their energy in a positive way.

By engaging in positive activities, young people are diverted from the negative influences and temptations that are present in this community. By engaging in sports and adventurous activities, young people experience risk and adventure in a positive way. By gaining accredited qualifications, young people gain self-confidence and self- esteem.
Climbing wall at Reading Climbing CentreSPORT
Sports activities, especially football, is a great way to reach those young people who are not members of the youth project, particularly those who are at risk of negative influences such as crime, alcohol, drugs and antisocial behaviour.

Football Project
CYP has enjoyed great success with its football project over the years, spotting young adults with natural motivational skills and giving them the skills, confidence and qualifications to coach young people and lead them to success in competitions.

Young people learn discipline, team skills at the same time as improving health and fitness.

The 10 week courses of football coaching/games offer young people positive sporting activity for a small contribution.  The project hires a local artificial grass pitch in the spring and summer and a sports hall in the autumn and winter.  Young people receive fun coaching and are then split into small-sided teams to play a coached match.  Youth work staff are on hand to promote fair play and good sportsmanship.

Adventurous Sports
Enabling young people to experience risk and adventure in a positive way.  Enabling young people to grow in confidence by overcoming their fears and gaining accredited qualifications.

The 6 week Kayaking Course leads to the BCU level one qualification.  Young people get to learn the basics of how to paddle a kayak and complete a journey through local rivers and canals.

The 6 week Climbing Course leads to the NICAS level one qualification.  Young people learn climbing skills using the excellent climbing walls at Reading Climbing Centre.

Youth Club Sports
As well as the table tennis and air hockey and pool tables, Sports Leaders engage young people in numerous sports in the main hall including Dodgeball, Indoor Hockey, and Kwick Cricket.
CYP's work at Bishops Green began in 2002.  In December 2017 trustees resolved to close the work at Bishops Green for the following reasons:
Bishops Green is no longer regarded by many potential funders as a location of relative deprivation deserving of their support. This is powerful evidence of CYP’s success there, because since 2002, when Ian Green established the youth project and commenced youth club activities there, petty crime, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse have all vastly diminished. That improvement, which the police, local authorities and housing associations all acknowledge to be the result of Ian’s work, is now embedded and the local community is determined to maintain it. So the youth project’s job there is done, and it is time to focus attention and resources on The Nightingales where the need for the project's work is greater.