Headley Community Shop

Headley ShopHeadley Community Shop has opened its doors thanks to the support of the Trust and the hard work and commitment of local residents.

Headley Community Shop Association gained planning permission to change the former Headley Baptist Chapel into a shop and post office with a community meeting space and café in November 2008.  The Trust bought the Chapel in 2009 after being approached by local residents who needed help to secure the future of their community enterprise.

Vice chairman of the Association, Richard Bayly, said: "We heard the village shop was closing so we got together to form a community association and started fundraising so we could take over and run the shop. The lease was running out and there were a few problems with the building so we approached Greenham Trust for help."

"To our surprise the Trust said they would buy the former Chapel for us and let us have it rent free," added the Association's fundraiser Sue Crook. 

Headley Community ShopThe shop is run as a not-for-profit community association and any profit made is either ploughed back into the shop or made available for charitable purposes. It is staffed by local people - volunteers, who also helped construct and currently maintain the building.  Anybody can own a share in the shop, which is a not for profit organisation, paying a £10 membership fee and are invited to attend shareholder meetings and an annual general meeting to speak and vote on future decisions.

As well as selling the usual products, the shop also has a Post Office and a café community corner where people can donate books and, for a small charge, local residents can borrow them.

Richard said: "This project would not have been possible without the help of Greenham Trust and the considerable commitment and enthusiasm of local residents. We simply would not have been able to afford it. Their support and advice and financial assistance has been amazing."

"Could we have completed this without the help of Greenham Trust? No, absolutely not," added Sue.

If you are interested in volunteering to help, just call into the shop on Thornford Road or call 01635 268849.