New funding for sports facilities for local people

Aldermaston Cricket ClubThe Sports Activities Building Programme (SABP) was set up by the Trust in 2016 to support capital improvements to local community sporting facilities and children's play areas which have not previously received funding under the Trust's Community Buildings Improvement Programme (CBIP).

The Trust will match fund on a 1 : 1  basis any other grants and public donations made to the project through The Good Exchange, up to a maximum of 50% of the total project cost.

The Trust will consider new SABP applications on a quarterly basis.

Chris Boulton, Chief Executive of Greenham Trust, said:

“These facilities, once brought up to date, will continue to give pleasure and be an outlet for exercise for years to come. Over 14,000 local people will benefit from this round of SABP funding.  These are worthwhile investments, as they bring the community together.

“Access to safe and up to date areas to play and exercise is essential in a modern age, and we look forward to seeing how these projects progress.”


SABP Grants to date

Click on the ID number to find out more about the projects on The Good Exchange website

Good Exchange ID Recipient Project Trust grant offered Paid to date
11007 Aldermaston Cricket Club Demolish existing and build new cricket club pavilion £50,000 ---
11321 Ashford Hill Cricket Club Ashford Hill Practice Cricket Nets £10,000 ---
11015 Ashford Hill Playground Regeneration Project New flooring and  equipment in Ashford Hill playground £26,725 £26,725
--- Downs School Trust Refurbishment or rebuild of Downlands Sports Centre £45,000 ---
11331 Gladstone Memorial Recreation Trust New roof for KJC (Kintbury Jubilee Centre) £20,000 £17,214
11100 Hungerford Rugby Football Club Floodlighting for Hungerford RFC £13,000 £12,859
--- Hurst Community Centre Upgrade and expand the facilities £75,000 ---
11122 Michael's Field Committee Refurbish Cricket pavilion £7,500 £7,500
11125 Mortimer West End Parish Council Refurbish/rebuild the Childrens' Playground to modern standards £20,000 £20,000
11391 Newbury Town Council Paved area around Newbury Bowling Club green in Victoria Park £5,427 £5,427
11450 Purley Sports and Social Club Roof and Interior refurbishment £10,000 £8,396
11581 The Victory Room, Bucklebury Replacement of the existing hall £100,000 ---
11652 Woolton Hill Argyle Football Club Mower and storage £10,000 £10,000