Trust Top Up

Trust Top Up logoThe Trust is keen to fund projects that local people would like to support.

Trust Top Up is our pledge to double any public or company donation made via The Good Exchange to any projects that match our charitable criteria, up to £5,000 per project and up to £10,000 per organisation per financial year.

Following a 2017 review of the scheme, the Trust will now match fund 3rd party donations in the form of aggregated collections and sponsorship money providing evidence is given of how the funds were raised.  Where an individual or 3rd party organises a fund-raising event such as a quiz night or charity ball, the Trust will match fund the net proceeds raised through the event.

For full details and examples of how this is calculated please click here.

Our total funding under the scheme to date is over £940,000.

Trust Top Up will be applied to any donation that is eligible for Gift Aid according to HMRC eligibility criteria.

We do not Trust Top Up:

  • Donations made in return for goods, services and personal benefits including entrance tickets to events
  • Applications for Clothing, Uniform, Sports Kit for local sports team, clubs, brownies, scouts, musical groups
  • Applications for sports or member organised tours, unless specifically for hardship cases
  • Applications for coach outings and trips with or without entrance tickets except for cases of hardship/disability/disadvantage
  • Applications for equipment only being used for one person that may be a personal benefit
  • Projects where donations are likely to be made from individuals and connected persons who are likely to derive a personal benefit
  • Donations from other charitable trusts and organisations
  • Gift aid
  • Volunteer time
  • Support in kind