What We Don't Fund


What We Don't Fund Exceptions
Projects in retrospect None
Projects outside our area of operation: West Berkshire & specified ward areas in North Hampshire None
Projects for items/refurbishment which are the responsibility of the Applicant's landlord (The landlord should apply directly, if for charitable purposes) None
Projects for which statutory funding which has been withdrawn None
Organisations applying for funds that will benefit one individual's personal requirements None
Projects submitted by individuals rather than organisations None
General appeals or letters requesting donations; a full applications that follow our guidelines must be submitted None
Feasibility Studies None
Projects for equipment/minibus which are a statutory responsibility, including funding for transportion to and from school. OK if bus is used for wider community use or extra curricular activities, eg: out of hours sports matches
Core educational needs, i.e. books and IT equipment Projects for special needs and disadvantaged pupils
Private Pre Schools & Nurseries that are run as a business Friends of Pre-school raising funds for a particular service/equipment which does not come under the statutory responsibilty
Education of School/College/University pupils The Greenham Scholar - contact us for details
Re-turfing and re-fencing School playgrounds OK if School playground is used by wider community
Work considered a statutory responsibility None
Organisations that do not have charitable aims None
Projects that will bring in profit, ie Funds cannot be claimed for items that will be sold to make a profit or break even None
Commercial Companies None
Fundraising events Events that generate greater funding for other local charitable purposes
Payments for membership subscriptions None
Provision of broadband for rural villages None
Cultural Celebrations involving food and entertainment Cultural events organised by an umbrella organisation where there is a wide community involvement


What We Don't Match Fund

  • Payments from charities - except for large projects where stipulated in Ts and Cs
  • Gift Aid
  • Volunteer Time
  • Donations made in return for goods, services and personal benefits


What We Grant Fund But Do Not Trust Top Up

  • Clothing, Uniform, Sports Kit for local sports team, clubs, brownies, scouts, musical groups
  • Sports or member organised tours, unless specifically for hardship cases
  • Coach outings and trips with or without entrance tickets
  • Equipment only being used for one person that may be a personal benefit
  • Projects where donations are likely to be made from individuals and connected persons who are likely to derive a personal benefit